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Abo et al. (1981) A differentiation antigen of human NK and K cells identified ... 1
Agui et al. (1985) The structural relation between the antigenic determinants to monoclonal antibodies ... 1
Alejandro et al. (1984) A ganglioside antigen on the rat pancreatic B cell surface ... 1
Alvarez et al. (1990) High-resolution proton nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of seminolipid from bovine ... 1
Ando et al. (1982) A novel pentaglycosyl ceramide containing di-beta-N-acetylgalactos-aminyl residue (Para-Forssman glycolipid) isolated ... 1
Ariga et al. (1987) Characterization of tumor-associated fucogangliosides from PC 12 pheochromocytoma cells 4
Ariga et al. (2008) Glycosphingolipid antigens in neural tumor cell lines and anti-glycosphingolipid antibodies ... 1
Blanchard et al. (1983) Primary structure of the oligosaccharide determinant of blood group Cad ... 1
Bode (2012) Human milk oligosaccharides: every baby needs a sugar ... 1
Bollensen et al. (1989) Motor neuropathy with activity of monoclonal IgM antibody to GD1a ... 1
Breimer et al. (1988) Structures of the eight- to nine-sugar glycolipids of human blood ... 1
Brockhaus et al. (1981) Monoclonal antibodies directed against the human Leb blood group ... 1
Brodin et al. (1989) Monoclonal antibodies to glycolipids of the isoglobo-series detect tumor-associated antigens ... 1
Brown et al. (1983) A monoclonal antibody against human colonic adenoma recognizes difucosylated Type-2-blood-group ... 1
Cahan et al. (1982) Identification of a human neuroectodermal tumor antigen (OFA-I-2) as ganglioside ... 1
Campos et al. (1992) Specific binding of anti-N-acetyllactosamine monoclonal antibody 1B2 to acute myeloid ... 1
Chai et al. (1999) High prevalence of 2-mono- and 2,6-di-substituted manol-terminating sequences among O-glycans ... 1
Chiba et al. (1997) Structures of sialylated O-linked oligosaccharides of bovine peripheral nerve alpha-dystroglycan. ... 1
Clarke et al. (1979) Preparation and characterization of antibody to galactosyl(alpha 1 leads to ... 1
Clausen et al. (1984) Blood group A glycolipid (Ax) with globo-series structure which is ... 3
Clausen et al. (1985) Blood group A determinants with mono- and difucosyl type 1 ... 4
Clausen et al. (1985) Repetitive A epitope (type 3 chain A) defined by blood ... 1
Clausen et al. (1986) Novel blood group H glycolipid antigens exclusively expressed in blood ... 2
Clausen et al. (1989) ABH and related histo-blood group antigens ... 3
Cory et al. (1974) The nature of the human blood group P1 ... 1
Cummings (2009) The repertoire of glycan determinants in the human glycome 120
DAUSSET et al. (1959) Acquired hemolytic anemia with polyagglutinability of red blood cells due ... 1
Dahms et al. (2008) Strategies for carbohydrate recognition by the mannose 6-phosphate ... 1
Dohi et al. (1990) Sialylpentaosylceramide detected with anti-GM2 monoclonal antibody. Structural characterization and complementary ... 1
Dubois et al. (1986) Monoclonal antibody 18B8, which detects synapse-associated antigens, binds to ganglioside ... 1
Dupouey et al. (1976) Comparative study of the immunological properties of galactosyldiglyceride and galactosylceramide ... 1
Feizi (1981) The blood group Ii system: a carbohydrate antigen system defined ... 1
Feizi et al. (1979) Three types of blood group I specificity among monoclonal anti-I ... 1
Fenderson et al. (1983) Immunohistochemical localization of two monoclonal antibody-defined carbohydrate antigens during early ... 1
Fenderson et al. (1987) Glycolipid core structure switching from globo- to lacto- and ganglio-series ... 1
Finne et al. (1983) Antigenic similarities between brain components and bacteria causing meningitis. Implications ... 1
Finne et al. (1983) Occurrence of alpha 2-8 linked polysialosyl units in a neural ... 1
Fredman et al. (1985) A monoclonal antibody reacting specifically with ganglioside GD1b in human ... 1
Fukushi et al. (1984) Novel fucolipids accumulating in human adenocarcinoma. III. A hybridoma antibody ... 1
Fukushima et al. (1984) Characterization of sialosylated Lewisx as a new tumor-associated ... 1
Furuya et al. (1994) Ganglioside GD1 alpha in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Its specific absence ... 1
Galili et al. (1985) Human natural anti-alpha-galactosyl IgG. II. The specific recognition of alpha ... 1
Gooi et al. (1981) Stage-specific embryonic antigen involves alpha 1 goes to 3 fucosylated ... 1
Hakomori (1974) Preparation and properties of anti-sulfatide ... 1
Hamers et al. (1978) Characterization of antibodies against ceramidetrihexoside and ... 2
Hirabayashi et al. (1985) Syngeneic monoclonal antibody against melanoma antigen with interspecies cross-reactivity recognizes ... 1
Hirabayashi et al. (1988) Developmental changes of C-series polysialogangliosides in chick brains revealed by ... 3
Ito et al. (2001) Monoclonal antibody (5F3) defining renal cell carcinoma-associated antigen disialosyl globopentaosylceramide ... 1
Jacobson et al. (1982) Preparation of anti-GM4 antiserum and its assay by a solid-phase ... 1
KLENK et al. (1960) On the isolation of mucoids containing neuraminic acid from human ... 1
Kaizu et al. (1986) Novel fucolipids of human adenocarcinoma: monoclonal antibody specific for trifucosyl ... 0
Kannagi et al. (1983) New globoseries glycosphingolipids in human teratocarcinoma reactive with the monoclonal ... 3
Kasai et al. (1983) The monoclonal antibody A2B5 is specific to ganglioside ... 1
Katano et al. (1984) Human monoclonal antibody to tumor-associated ganglioside GD2: suppressed growth of ... 1
Kawashima et al. (1992) Antibody responses to ganglio-series gangliosides in different strains of inbred ... 1
Kimura et al. (2007) Human B-lymphocytes express alpha2-6-sialylated 6-sulfo-N-acetyllactosamine serving as a preferred ligand ... 1
Kjeldsen et al. (1988) Preparation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies directed to the tumor-associated ... 1
Kleene et al. (2001) The neural recognition molecule L1 is a sialic acid-binding lectin ... 0
Knibbs et al. (1991) Characterization of the carbohydrate binding specificity of the leukoagglutinating lectin ... 1
Koprowski et al. (1979) Colorectal carcinoma antigens detected by hybridoma ... 1
Kundu et al. (1980) Preparation and properties of antibodies to GD3 and GM1 gangliosides 2
Kuroki et al. (1992) Binding specificity of lung surfactant protein SP-D for ... 1
Kusunoki et al. (1993) Generation of a monoclonal antibody specific for a new class ... 2
Kyogashima et al. (1989) Antibody 624H12, which detects lung cancer at early stages, recognizes ... 1
Laine et al. (1972) On the structure of cytolipin R, a ceramide tetrahexoside hapten ... 2
Le et al. (1982) Purification of anti-Lec antibodies with specificity for beta DGal(1 replaced ... 1
Leffler et al. (1986) A novel sulfoglycosphingolipid of mouse small intestine, IV3-sulfogangliotetraosylceramide, demonstrated by ... 1
Leppanen et al. (1999) A novel glycosulfopeptide binds to P-selectin and inhibits leukocyte adhesion ... 1
Lisak et al. (1979) Antibodies to galactocerebroside bind to oligodendroglia in suspension ... 1
Lloyd et al. (1983) Mouse monoclonal antibody F-3 recognizes the difucosyl type-2 blood group ... 1
Longenecker et al. (1987) Monoclonal antibodies and synthetic tumor-associated glycoconjugates in the study of ... 1
Macauley et al. (2014) Siglec-mediated regulation of immune cell function in ... 6
Macher et al. (1988) A novel carbohydrate, differentiation antigen on fucogangliosides of human myeloid ... 1
Magnani et al. (1982) A monoclonal antibody-defined antigen associated with gastrointestinal cancer is a ... 0
Mitsuoka et al. (1998) Identification of a major carbohydrate capping group of the L-selectin ... 3
Mitsuoka et al. (1999) Regulation of selectin binding activity by cyclization of sialic acid ... 0
Miyake et al. (1989) Human IgG3 monoclonal antibody directed to an unbranched repeating type ... 1
Nagai et al. (1989) Mono-sulfated globopentaosylceramide from human kidney 1
Nagai et al. (1989) Mono-sulfated globotetraosylceramide from human kidney 1
Nagai et al. (2008) Higher expression of renal sulfoglycolipids in marine ... 1
Nakamura et al. (1995) IV3 alpha (NeuGc alpha 2-8NeuGc)-Gg4Cer is restricted to CD4+ T ... 1
Nakamura et al. (2000) Novel polysialogangliosides of skate brain structural determination of tetra, penta ... 4
Nudelman et al. (1982) Characterization of a human melanoma-associated ganglioside antigen defined by a ... 1
Nudelman et al. (1988) A novel tumor-associated, developmentally regulated glycolipid antigen defined by monoclonal ... 1
Nudelman et al. (1989) A series of disialogangliosides with binary 2----3 sialosyllactosamine structure, defined ... 0
Nyame et al. (1999) Mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni generate antibodies to LacdiNAc (GalNAc ... 1
Nyame et al. (2000) Antibody responses to the fucosylated LacdiNAc glycan antigen in Schistosoma ... 1
Ohyama et al. (1988) Glycolipids of rat glomerular mesangial cells: antibody against the cells ... 1
Park et al. (2005) The asialoglycoprotein receptor clears glycoconjugates terminating with sialic acid alpha ... 1
Prieto et al. (1985) A new ganglioside in human meconium detected by antiserum against ... 0
Pukel et al. (1982) GD3, a prominent ganglioside of human melanoma. Detection and characterisation ... 1
Rapport et al. (1967) Cytolipin R: A pure lipid hapten isolated from rat ... 1
Roseman et al. (2001) The mannose N-acetylgalactosamine-4-SO4 receptor displays greater specificity for multivalent than monovalent ... 1
Schwarting et al. (1977) The reactions of antibodies to paragloboside (lacto-N-neotetraosyl ceramide) with human ... 1
Schwerer et al. (1982) Antisera against ganglioside GM2: immunochemical and immunohistological ... 1
Seaman et al. (1968) Siedler: an antibody which reacts with A1Le(a negative b positive) ... 1
Shevinsky et al. (1982) Monoclonal antibody to murine embryos defines a stage-specific embryonic antigen ... 1
Shibuya et al. (1987) The elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) bark lectin recognizes the Neu5Ac(alpha ... 1
Shigeta et al. (1987) Monoclonal antibodies directed to chemically synthesized lactogangliotetraosylceramide, a leukemia-associated antigen ... 1
Soh et al. (1980) The relationship between the N-acetylgalactosamine content and the blood group ... 1
Solter et al. (1978) Monoclonal antibody defining a stage-specific mouse embryonic antigen ... 1
Springer et al. (1975) Blood group MN antigens and precursors in normal and malignant ... 1
Springer et al. (1985) Tn epitopes, immunoreactive with ordinary anti-Tn antibodies, on normal, desialylated ... 1
Stanley et al. (2017) Structures Common to Different Glycans 11
Stroud et al. (1991) Extended type 1 chain glycosphingolipids: dimeric Lea (III4V4Fuc2Lc6) as human ... 0
Stroud et al. (1992) Extended type-1 chain glycosphingolipid antigens. Isolation and characterization of trifucosyl-Leb ... 0
Susuki et al. (2001) Fine specificity of anti-GQ1b IgG and clinical ... 1
Suzuki et al. (1981) The different distribution of asialo GM1 and Forssman antigen in ... 1
Suzuki et al. (1985) Ganglioside GM1b as an influenza virus ... 1
Symington et al. (1984) Fine specificity of a monoclonal anti-testicular cell antibody for glycolipids ... 1
Symington et al. (1984) Monoclonal antibody specific for ... 1
Tadano-Aritomi et al. (1992) Isolation and structural characterization of a mono-sulfated isoglobotetraosylceramide, the first ... 1
Tateno et al. (2005) Mouse Siglec-F and human Siglec-8 are functionally convergent paralogs that ... 1
Thurin et al. (1989) Novel isoglobo-neolacto-series hybrid glycolipid detected by a monoclonal antibody is ... 1
Van Dam et al. (1994) The immunologically reactive O-linked polysaccharide chains derived from circulating cathodic ... 1
Vyas et al. (2005) Potent glycan inhibitors of myelin-associated glycoprotein enhance axon outgrowth in ... 2
Walcheck et al. (2002) The monoclonal antibody CHO-131 binds to a core 2 O-glycan ... 1
Wang et al. (1988) The immobilized leukoagglutinin from the seeds of Maackia amurensis binds ... 1
Watanabe et al. (1979) Characterization of a blood group I-active ganglioside. Structural requirements for ... 1
Watanabe et al. (1979) Gangliosides of human erythrocytes. A novel ganglioside with a unique ... 1
Willer et al. (2003) O-mannosyl glycans: from yeast to novel associations with human disease 2
Willison et al. (1982) Neutral glycolipid antigens as developmental markers of mouse teratocarcinoma and ... 1
Yamamoto et al. (1990) Tetrasialoganglioside GO1b reactive monoclonal antibodies: their characterization and application for ... 1
Yamashita et al. (1989) Carbohydrate structures of nonspecific cross-reacting antigen-2, a glycoprotein purified from ... 2
Young et al. (1981) Two monoclonal anticarbohydrate antibodies directed to glycosphingolipids with a lacto-N-glycosyl ... 2
Young et al. (1983) Characterization of monoclonal antibodies specific for the Lewis a human ... 1
Yuen et al. (1994) Sulfated blood group Lewis(a). A superior oligosaccharide ligand for human ... 1
Yuen et al. (1997) Brain contains HNK-1 immunoreactive O-glycans of the sulfoglucuronyl lactosamine series ... 1

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